EPJNBP - Forthcoming

  • Advanced non-linear approach to quantify directed interactions within EEG activity of children with temporal lobe epilepsy in their time course
    Karin Schiecke, Britta Pester, Diana Piper, Martha Feucht, Franz Benninger, Herbert Witte and Lutz Leistritz
    Accepted: 10/07/2017
  • Ionic Coulomb blockade and the anomalous mole fraction effect in NaChBac bacterial ion channel and its charge-varied mutants
    Igor Kaufman, Olena A. Fedorenko, Dmitri G. Luchinsky, William A. T. Gibby, Stephen K. Roberts, Peter V. E. McClintock and Robert S. Eisenberg
    Accepted: 10/07/2017